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Oxidized Malachite Bangle

A Striking accessory that combines elegance with the distinctive allure of malachite. Meticulously crafted, this bangle showcases the captivating beauty and unique patterns of oxidized malachite gemstones.


Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing beauty of malachite. With its deep green hues and mesmerizing banding patterns, this gemstone exudes a sense of balance, protection, and transformation. Malachite is believed to absorb negative energies, promote emotional healing, and encourage positive change in one's life.


Each malachite gemstone in this bangle is carefully selected, ensuring the highest quality and showcasing the gem's natural variations and intricate patterns. The bangle itself is expertly crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and a comfortable fit.


Gemstone: Malachite 

Oxidized Malachite Bangle

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